A Beginners Guide to the 7 Chakras

I am here to shine some light on the 7 chakras and how they play a major role in the well being of our lives. If you’ve ever felt scared to speak in front of a crowd, chances are there’s an imbalance in the throat chakra. When it’s hard to accept a helping hand from loved ones, this is a sign the heart chakra is out of balance. When making money is a constant struggle, this connects to our root chakra. Sometimes the things we do are not personality traits, but rather a block in the flow of energy within our chakra centers.

I would like to explore with you, how your reality can shift through implementing different healing modalities, which will allow you to access your chakras, in a way that will have you reunited with who you truly are.

When people talk about Chakras what do they mean?

Chakras are the centers in our bodies that represent the flow of energy within our auric field. The word Chakra translates into Wheel in Sanskrit, because it is like a wheel rotating points of energy. Our physical, mental, and emotional health are directly correlated to the state of harmonious energetic flow within our Chakras.

While there are thousands of recognized energy points within the body, western interpretation focuses on these 7 chakras. The energy flow enters from the base of the spine, going all the way out of the top of our heads. Each chakra emits a color, and correlates with a specific musical note. I found these phrases in the book The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter to be helpful. These affirmations relate to when each chakra is balanced and harmonized.

  • Root Chakra 1/C/Red -” I belong here”
  • Sacral Chakra 2/D/Orange -” I sense & feel my way through life”
  • Solar Plexus 3/E/Yellow -“I open my mind to possibility”
  • Heart Chakra 4/Green/F -” We are one”
  • Throat Chakra 5/Blue/G -” I hear and speak the truth”
  • Third Eye 6/Violet/A -” I am the one behind the eyes”
  • Crown Chakra 7/Indigo/B -“Life is a reflection of all that I am”

In the Energy Codes book I’ve learned so much about how our energy bodies respond to our lives. An essential part of the book was that when we are born we come in as perfect souls and we take on a body here on Earth. From the beginning of our physical journey we splat our energy and the field becomes distorted and wobbled . It is like if you imagine jumping into water you create a ripple within the water. Well the same goes for our energy when we go from the spirit realm/our true home into the Earthly realm. Over time we incorporate our energy into life through our experiences, parents, schools, friends, belief systems etc.

Our energetic field then gets gaps or blockages and overtime manifest into illness, bodily pain, deep feelings of fear, feeling like we don’t have a voice in the world, sex problems, disconnected from the the divine, worry, shame, anger, jealousy, regret, or feeling like we no longer know who we are or why we came here. Like we don’t have a purpose, and this couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Our bodies create these physical manifestations not because it is against us, or even that its attacking itself. When these things happen its the bodies way of sending out WARNING signals, saying “something is wrong here, and we better start making some changes.” Its actually a blessing in disguise that we get these second chances to do things better in our lives.

Every illness always starts off as an energetic disturbance within the body, typically from a traumatic event during our childhood. So in order to start living a life we truly love, its important to tend to the gaps within the Chakras.

  • The Root Chakra represents our foundation or roots within the world. If there are gaps within this chakra we tend to feel like we don’t have a stable foundation within the world and this could transpire over into our ability to bring money into our lives, or even feeling like we don’t belong. Balancing the root chakra requires grounding within the Earth. Meditating by a tree, laying on the beach and feeling the water, and sand on your body. In this way you connect back with your roots in the world, and you start feeling supported by those around you.
  • The Sacral Chakra is the energy near your sex organs it is the creative life force energy within us that keeps us in a state of flow with pleasure. It directly relates to our ability to bring in a pure sense of joy into our lives. If it is out of balance you will feel feelings of shame, depression, or unhealthy sex desires. Once this energy center is flowing all of the creative energy within you is expressed from art, music, writing, and intimacy.

  • Solar Plexus is the energy center about 4 inches above the naval. This is all about our self esteem, willpower, vitality and identity in the world. When this energy is out of balance we experience rage, and extreme feelings of always being a victim. One may have feelings of not being comfortable in ones skin, feeling the need to dominate others, or feeling as though they lack power which can result in pretending to be powerful on the outside. Physical symptoms of an unhealthy solar plexus are bloated belly, digestive issues, or stomach ulcers.

  • The Heart Chakra My favorite. This of course is in the area of the heart and when in an energetic balance expresses joy, true self love, compassion, and being open to give and receive love from the world. True love radiates from your being, and we realize that we are one with every single thing in the universe, the “good” and the “bad”. This energy center connects us to the bottom 3 chakras, so when in alignment it causes the gaps within the lower 3 to balance themselves out naturally. Typically when out of alignment our heart centers vibrate energies of jealousy, neediness, reliving out your traumas from childhood, anger, and withdrawal from the world. On a physical level one could experience heart and lung problems, asthma, or a heaviness within the chest area.

  • The Throat Chakra is our expression and voice in the world. One will always speak their truth in a healthy way when this energy center is balanced. When out of alignment we tend to hold back from speaking in front of others, we can be too blunt with people making them feel bad or we don’t truly let people know how we are feeling. Physically when out of alignment it is common for one to develop reoccurring sore throats, and thyroid problems.

  • The Third Eye is our connection to the divine and our intuition. It is between the brows, and connected to the pineal glad. We all hold an innate wisdom within our souls, and once this chakra is balanced we can access the answers to life’s deepest questions. When out of alignment we feel disconnected from the universe, and those around us. We reject the spiritual side of ourselves and sometimes tend to over indulge in a completely illusory lifestyle. Physical symptoms can also manifest as poor vision, headaches, and insomnia.

  • The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head. This is our connection to our higher self, our being before the world shaped and molded us through our experiences. If you ever hear the chant “OM” this vibration is picked up from the crown chakra, and allows for the energies to balance. It is essential to work on this energy center for it keeps all the other chakras balanced as well. One can feel a lack of direction when this energy is out of alignment, which can ultimately lead to Depression, Alzheimers, Neurological & Auto-Immune disorders.

Iv’e listed below 6 Methods to releasing blocks in the Chakras so you can start to be free from the past that no longer serves your greatest good! I recommend looking in your local area to see if any of these services are provided by you. The other good option of course is doing research online, YouTube, and reading up on any of these topics to gain insight into your new life ahead of you!

  1. YOGA – Yoga posses in the comfort of your own home can open up stagnant energies in the body freeing you from old thought and belief systems. Waking up daily and spending 5-10 minutes stretching the body while in certain yoga positions can have major improvements in ones health. Consistency is KEY here.

2. Reiki Healing– This I cannot recommend enough. Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that can improve your life. It is a non invasive form of healing that allows dense energies to move out of your auric field and new energy to bring the chakras “back to life.” It isn’t a quick fix though, while you may see results from one session it is highly recommended to incorporate reiki into your lifestyle.

3. Crystals- There is so much power in Crystals because they draw out old stagnant energies within our bodies. They can be used to relieve headaches, reduce or remove inflammation, and heal the body.

4. Breath Work– I highly recommend this gentle form of Breath work by Dr. Sue Morter, her techniques are easy to integrate into your life. For an intense form of breath work I highly suggest Holotropic Breathing/Shamanic Breathing, developed by Stan Groff.

5. Sound Healing-Tibetan sound bowls & crystal sound bowls have a vibration that your cells match to. There are even different sound bowls that match each chakra. So if ones body is in a state of disharmony our bodies will vibrate at a lower frequency. When incorporating sound bowls into our life our cells will vibrate to this perfect frequency, allowing the body to rid of blocks and heal itself from dis-ease.

Vogul Crystal Bed– The Vogul crystals reenergize your aura and allow energy to move within all the chakras creating almost like an instant balancing within your body! This may be harder to find near you but if you do find this gem in your area I highly recommend incorporating it into your Chakra healing.

Thank you everyone for taking the time out to read this blog! On your healing journey it brings me joy to share information for someone to learn something new or propel you into asking deeper questions about life! I look forward to sharing more with you tribe and creating a beautiful loving, healing, and successful LIT community!

Yours Truly,

Melanie Michelle

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